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Job Opportunities

At NTGI, we are always looking for experienced sales contractors;  regardless of educational background.

Our independent sales contractors travel on a weekly basis to various hotels, staying in a complimentary room provided by the hotel.  Payment of commission is made weekly upon receipt of the contractors sales package.  Earn up to 40% commission.

If you are:

    experienced in sales
    want to travel
    communicate well with others
    work when you want
    work as a team

...contact our staff today

Important Facts About The Job

At NTGI, you are an independent contractor.

Sales jobs are normally one week (7 days), but may be extended.  Some may involve multiple hotel/motels.  Our idea is to work quickly to complete the job, moving on to the next job to increase your sales.  Long stays at hotel/motel results in fewer sales overall.

Commissions range from 0% (no ads sold) up to 40% depending on the amount of sales you make during the week and the amount collected.

As with all companies, you write off your expenses when filing your taxes.

Travel will depend upon you, and the availability of properties.  Some of the properties will be new, others renewals